Most economies are paddling through rivers of red ink and everybody knows that time to change course is overdue. The circumstances are too complex and nobody feels confident to look through the jungle of interdependencies. It’s a natural law that where attention goes energy flows and results show.

What does this mean?

The more our attention goes on the various problems, the more energy we put into them, thus the problems get even bigger. Due to a lack in leadership no one feels responsible to look outside the box to find totally new solutions. Do you know what I mean? The problem lies in the verb. Everybody is searching instead of finding. If we put our focus on things we never have thought about, we could find new ways. How do I know that? I have tested it.

Ask and you shall receive

I had a look at my database and randomly selected entrepreneurs and CXOs of small, medium and large companies and I phoned them up. I asked them: What is actually your biggest problem, the one that prevents your company from massive growth? What followed was an interesting flush of explanations and vindications. And first I thought this will not bring me anywhere. But then I asked my subconscious mind for help. I asked specifically for a pattern. And there it was. And I know that you will not believe this.

Everybody suffers from these two behaviors….

  1. Lack of commitment
  2. Lack of reliability

…and the result

  • 95% of all deals are closed at the very end of a booking period
  • Sales people have to call their prospects between 15 and 20 times until the finally sign
  • Event organizers can’t book the best speakers and venues because their sponsors can’t commit
  • Event programs can not been printed and distributed early
  • Seats can’t be filled due to lack of information
  • Slow or no economic growth
  • and and and and and

This is just one example form one industry, but the tenor I got from all these interviews was clear. The excruciating effect of this stupid behavior generates tons of unnecessary work, extreme emotional and physical pressure on the people and last but not least produces not even mediocre results.

I’ll call you back tomorrow, latest. Promised.

Be honest, how many of you have heard this sentence recently?

And? Did they call back? Of course not, because this person is depending on the approval from a senior VP. And the senior VP can only spend the money if he gets in the big deal he’s working on this quarter. And, and, and, and. This chain reaction, because of lack of commitment and lack of reliability, is devastating for all businesses.

The aftermath

  • Companies loose their good reputation
  • They are not trusted any longer
  • Their people are demotivated and unproductive
  • Customer care and service people are worn-out
  • Sales cycles become much longer
  • Legal and economical risks go through the roof
  • Cash flow and liquidity is low
  • Everybody includes a “security margin”
  • etc.

and this list goes on and on and on. Buy why? Does it really have to be this way?

Only Heartfelt Leaders will solve these problems

I have the privilege to work with some extraordinary entrepreneurs who got this message and bought into the solution. So they changed two things within their company. They included commitment and reliability in their team code of honor and they only work with clients who do the same. Interestingly these companies are doing extremely well and have happy and responsible team members.

Their recipe for success and economic growth

  • Tell it as it is
  • Be clear
  • Keep your agreements
  • Do what you say – always
  • If anything changes, let people know asap
  • Ask others to do the same
  • Be grateful for all wins and learnings

Of course this list is just a short version of something which has become the DNA of these companies. I will cover the value of commitment and reliability in depth in future posts. Let me know what you would like to read about. I’ll do my best.

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Erhard Ruettimann is Peak Performance Coach│Neurostrategist │iMA Practitioner│Public Speaker│Strategic Advisor│Opinion Leader│ Technology Expert│Quality Maniac│Lifelong Learner

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