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VilteI was inspired and at the same time astonished how small my own progress was until I attended this course. I was motivated anew to finally solve my poblems. It was an outstanding experience for me.

AdriennErhard Ruettimann is full of energy. He has this special gift to help and uplift people so that they can change their lives. His own story qualifies him to teach others to break through. Many thanks for these powerful experiences.

Matthias MüllerThis workshop is extremely valuable. Erhard knew exactly how to satisfy our needs and to serve everyone. He woke up the sleeping lions in us. After ten hours of training I had more energy than at the beginning. Simply ingenious!

Rolf KesslerI learned so many new and inspiring things as normally would in a one week training. The day was long and intensive, I went home tired but filled with new energy and a deep inner satisfaction. I highly recommend this training to everyone.

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