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Erhard is an executive trainer and the founder of the Personal Breakthrough Academy (PBA), where he’s been teaching senior executives and business owners how to embrace breakthrough change and learn to sustain it, so that they can fully realise their leadership potential.

Erhard has spent more than30 years in a high tech industry where he held various positions in well-known Fortune500 companies and served as a board member of several public companies. He is a faculty member of Lorange Institute of Business Zurich and the CEO of Communication Partners.

In 2008 a life threatening health problem pushed him to develop his own breakthrough methodology that he now uses to teach Communication & Leadership at the PBA around the World.

The Breakthrough

Life does not always go the way you plan it, and it may not always go up. This is an experience that nearly everyone already has made. But then there are also events which have a greater significance. Events that bear such an important message in itself that you simply can not neglect it. Sure some among the readers know what it means. On September 3rd 2008 Erhard was struck by such an event.

In the middle of the night he woke up, plagued by terrible cramps in both legs and feet. These were not normal muscular spasms, as we know from strenuous sport or deficiencies. No, they were a messenger for a great change. But Erhard did not know that at that point in time. He was rather busy trying to survive the hellish pain, which had attacked him. Nearly two hours took the incident and thousands of thoughts and fears were running through his head. Bathed in pain and tears he lay there and hoped for the redemptive end.

When the spasms finally subsided and he wanted to go to the bathroom, he found that he could not feel his legs and feet anymore. He was literally paralyzed. What followed was a month-long struggle for survival. Within a week he lost seven kilos of muscle mass and weighed only 56 kilos, and all medical examinations could neither find causes for disease nor any solutions. He was quickly given up by the doctors and fend for themselves. The doctor’s proposal to get a wheelchair unleashed new energy in him, and he tirelessly researched for possible solutions.

What he did not recognize at the time, was that he had already been prepared his whole life for this incident. Since early childhood he had to overcome dramatic situations in his life, which he learned to master with bravery. So in the course of 45 years he had acquired methods, strategies, and especially mental strength to cope with big problems. For example, at the age of 10 years, he had to relearn how to walk after a serious skiing accident and four months of hospitalization. The memory of completing this task successfully was a great force and helped him to erect himself again.

The methods, strategies, and mental instructions which brought him back after about 18 months, he now teaches in his seminars. They are also part of his toolset as a neurostrategist and trainer.

Young Days

Erhard was born on February 16th 1963 in Waedenswil, Switzerland. His father was an exceptionally talented artist blacksmith and his mother a highly efficient tailoress and housewife. Influenced by the crafts  and strong personalities of his parents, he learned early in his life to value the importance of quality, precision, reliability, loyalty and honesty. These character traits accompanied him not only through his school years, his academic studies and his career. They have become the foundation of his work-life ethics.

In middle school he was spotted by the well known czech trumpet master Frantisek Tichy as one of the most promising trumpet talents in Europe and he climbed quickly to the best trumpeters in Switzerland. Inspired by the french trumpeter Maurice André he acquired several accolades before turning eighteen. To balance his artistic life he started to compete also in cross country skiing, which became his next big passion. Trained and coached by his father who was a semi-professional cyclist he learned to master the mental game of competing on the highest level.

Years of Study

In high school he was lucky to be mentored by Prof. Dr. Kurt Spillmann, a world leading capacity in history and conflict research and a well thought after authority by the Swiss government and the White House. It was Prof. Spillmann and his latin teacher Heinz Graf who instilled the hunger for lifelong learning in him. At the age of fourteen Erhard read one to two books about economy, marketing and leadership per week and he developed a deep understanding for roman and greek philosophy as well as for rhetoric.

At the age of eighteen his father, mentor and best friend passed away unexpectedly. This was a first big turning point in his life. He gave up his idea of studying sports medicine and he subscribed for law and political science. During his studies he was highly influenced by two other great leaders and teachers, Prof. Dr. Peter Forstmoser and Prof. Dr. Walter R. Schluep. Both outstanding examples about the importance the practical ability to execute and not only basing on theoretical knowledge. This was the time when he developed his strong wish to enable and empower other how to solve problems and overcome obstacles. What he did not know at this point in time is the fact that this will become once the purpose of his professional life. During his studies he worked at different companies and gained practical experiences in the area of sales and marketing.


After his studies he started as a self employed consultant in the ICT industry. Working between east (Taiwan) and west (Europe) he started to build his muscles for intercultural understanding. When he realized that being self employed was holding him back in constantly learning and growing he signed up for a corporate career. Working for world leading companies like ALR (Advanced Logic Research), TSB International, SUN Microsystems and EMC he enhanced his experience by holding executive positions in sales, marketing, PR, business development and general management.


During his time at EMC and inspired by the outstanding results he was able to achieve he founded Communication Partners AG in 1999, a highly specialized communication agency in the technology sector. In less than five years he established  the company as the leading agency in the tech space in Switzerland. In 2006 he founded a training and research company in the personal development area, in 2009 he founded aQube GmbH and in 2013 he started to build the Personal Breakthrough Academy.


Before you tell me what you know, tell me who your teachers were.

The following teachers had a profound impact on Erhard’s personal development. Much of what he knows and is able to do, he learned from them. And many lesson he has been taught by life. Most of them are connected with either himself or other human beings. This taught him to see each and every individual he encounters to respect as a mirror and teacher and to accept their messages and lessons with gratitude.

  • Dr. Joe Dispenza (Extended Progressive Workshop)
  • T. Harv Eker (Quantum Leap Program, Making the Stage)
  • Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Entrainment Practitioner)
  • Robert Kiyosaki (Entrepreneur Development Program, Property Investing)
  • James Knight (iMA Practitioner Certification)
  • Steve Linder (Certification as NLP practitioner and Master Strategist in NLP)
  • Igor Ledochowski (Various Programs)
  • Prof. Dr. Peter Lorange (Sustaining High Performance, IMD Business School)
  • Prof. Mirsakarim Norbekov (Level I + II, Master Class)
  • Eben Pagan (Various Programs)
  • Tom Peters (Various Marketing Trainings)
  • Prof. Dr. Urs P. Rauser (Leadership)
  • Tony Robbins (Various Trainings)
  • Annemarie and Erhard Ruettimann (Preparation for Life)
  • Blair Singer (Train the Trainer Program, Master Facilitator, UPDP, Sales Explosion Program)
  • Sara Singer-Nourie (High Impact Training, Tapping Their Greatness und Quantum Teaching)
  • Ceil Stanford (Life Enhancement)

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